Radiation Effects on Fusion Structural Materials

A dedicated fusion neutron source for materials irradiation and qualification is under discussion and development since three decades and now closer to realization than ever as DONES-IFMIF. Since the early 1990-ties fusion energy roadmaps all included IFMIF (International Fusion Materials Irradiadtion Facility). IFMIF was pushed under the umbrella of IEA (International Energy Agency), EU-Japan Broader approach, EU research organisations like EUROfusion and now as well under the Consorcio IFMIF-DONES España.

The need for a fusion neutron source is motivated by qualification and validation of fusion materials for future Fusion facilities beyond ITER and the lack short-coming of any existing faclity in this mission.

The course will address

  • Materials options for future Fusion Facilities (DEMO)
  • The EU Roadmap in for Materials Development and Validation
  • Strategies for Materials testing
  • Bottom-up approches on basic of ferritic matertensic steels materials in general
  • Brief view on high-heat-flux materials and their sepcific loading and testing
  • Deduction of n-irradiation effects in materials
  • Defect generation and its impact on degradation in properties at the macro/engineering level
  • Modelling of defects from atomic to micro/meso level
  • Brief view on tests in test on hot-cells

With all these basic elements at hand, then the course will proceed

  • Rational for the need of DONES reviewed, gaps uncertainties, strategies (condensed sumamry of the previous course)

And the question how data gathered will be prepared and assessed for final use in design

  • Material data for design and licensing – important properties
  • Material-Design Interface – how dara are processed towards use in codes frameworks
  • SSTT – Small Scale Test Technology (an important side-kick)

The topics in many aspects are linked and will be built-up stepwise.

The main lectures are:

Materials basics, Materials under n-irradiationMichael Rieth
Materials roadmap, Test strategy towards DEMO, High Heat Flux materials, Test in Hot CellsGerald Pintsuk
Defect generation, Irradiation modelling from atomic to micro/meso levelMaría José Caturla
Need for DONES, Material data for design and licensing, Material-Design Interface, SSTTEberhard Diegele