About Granada

DONES Xcitech  will take place in the city of Granada, in the heart of Andalusia. Granada has been the crucible of cultures and civilizations, where, during centuries, Christians, Muslims and Jews lived altogether. Nowadays, Granada is a modern city that has an uncommon scientific and cultural background, along with the University and the institutes of CSIC (High Council of Scientific Investigations) and an architectural, natural and historic patrimony like no other. A science-oriented city, Granada owns a grown and active corporate environment made up of companies based on knowledge, standing out those related to the health campus and new technologies. The University of Granada, the 2nd oldest in Spain, was founded in 1531, built on a long-standing teaching tradition whose roots can be traced back to the madrasahs of the Nasrid dynasty of Granada.

To all these values, we should add an extensive cultural activity and the well-known hospitality of the people from Andalucia, which brings a warm welcome to their guests. Granada welcomes every year more than 2,5 millions of nationally and international tourists, driven here for the excellent touristic offers, the weather and the culture. The Alhambra, the flagship of the city’s vast historical heritage and the most visited monument in Spain, stands on a hilltop overlooking the city.

An affordable city in terms of accommodation prices and convenient for travel arrangements from the main European cities, Granada also boasts a unique cultural heritage, which allows for a rich and rewarding experience for participants visiting us. If there is a city that truly evokes the essence of Spain, that city is Granada.

More information on Granada can be found in the Granada tourist information web and the guide to Andalusia.

Attend 1st Xcitech Spring School

23rd-28th April, 2023 · Granada, Spain · Limited to 35 spots!